Tuesday 6 September 2011

Traveling to India, one knows to expect good food. Indian cuisine, after all, is one of the most flavorful and richest in the world. Even with our relatively high hopes, however, the food in South India has far exceeded expectations.

Sri Saravana Bhavan transfers his innovative and creative talents to  ensure that every meal is a culinary experience, styled to perfection. Sri Saravana Bhavan will delighted to create a tasting journey to savor and experience. Specially prepared, guests can enjoy an exquisite set menu from five to ten courses with range of preferences including meat, vegetarian or even a combination of the three.

Sri Saravana Bhavan Ice Creams

I can hardly believe that summer is already half way over! time just keeps ticking away. Although the weather has not really been cooperating in our neck of the woods the beaches are packed and us West Coasters are determined as ever that we will have a great summer.

 We have “old-fashioned” ice cream sandwiches here at the Roadhouse Bake Shoppe & Cheese Market! our Pastry Chefs created a Neapolitan styled cake and frozen Vanilla and Cherry Mousse sandwich which is sure to tantalize your taste buds! they really are delicious and a great way to chill out this summer.

Sri Saravana Bhavan Catering
Sri Saravana Bhavan is an upscale south indian restaurant that gives you a taste of authentic south indian cusine in an ambience that is equally tasteful the experience includes polished cutlery, Channel music,Uncluttered seating, a lounge, a live kitchen, the business lounge, the party area,exceptional food and impeccable service. Our Fast Foods offer a range of vegetarian food, fresh juices, bakery and confectionery products and range of lip smacking ice cream.
                                          Sri Saravana Bhavan